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Religious faith keeps these soccer players going in the World Cup [VOXXI]

Two fingers pointing up, a smile on their faces, and dancing or a quick run is how some soccer players are celebrating the wins that make them famous in the World Cup.

Still, for several of these players, athletic skills are not their main concern out on the field as much as giving credit to God, who they believe is responsible for their wins: It’s their faith that’s granting them stardom in the World Cup, now that their skills are indisputable.

It’s faith strong enough to be displayed on the field despite the recent ban by FIFA of any kind of messaging to be present on the players’ undershirts, similar to those worn by players like Ricardo Kaká.


The women of the World Cup 2014 soccer stars [VOXXI]

‘Ghosts of Hero Street’ looks at the forgotten heroes of Memorial Day [VOXXI]

The Bataan Death March was an often fatal journey through the jungle for American soldiers at the hands of the Japanese.

With Memorial Day around the corner many of us are getting ready to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, but Carlos Harrison is hoping we’ll learn about heroes our history books know nothing of.

In “Ghosts of Hero Street, the journalist and author tells a story of Second Street, an unpaved stretch no longer than a block-and-a-half, that sent the most amount of men to enroll in the military and fight some of the most important battles in World War II and Korea.

"The Ghosts of Hero Street" by Carlos Harrison is about Mexican soldiers.

What’s now called Hero Street in Silvis, Illinois, was the home for 22 Mexican-American families that sent 57 of their men to fight for their country.

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They felt compelled to honor their home, even when their children were called “dirty Mexican” in school because they lacked proper clothing.

The name was officially changed to Hero Street in 1968.

After the efforts of a Hero Street native and more than ten years of hard work, the Department of Defense recognized the sacrifice and brave acts of the men from Second Street and approved the name change.


Luis Fonsi releases his album ’8′ [VOXXI]

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi released his latest album “8” this week, and expressed how excited he is to promote the project that challenged his every ability.

The album’s release was for U.S., Latin America and Spain. It includes a deluxe version with additional songs (a total of 15) and a DVD with narration of Fonsi’s experiences during the production of the album. Fonsi wrote or co-wrote all of the songs included in the album.

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Fonsi put together a new team he hadn’t worked with before, and who wasn’t even familiar with who he was. It included London-based Swedish/British producer Martin Terefe.


The Michael Jackson ‘Experience’ to premiere at Billboard Music Awards [VOXXI]

The Michael Jackson experience

The cat was let out of the bag when details of the world premiere of the Michael Jackson experience were leaked after a lawsuit was filed this past Thursday.

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The premiere is set to take place during the Billboard Music Awards, tonight at 8 p.m., and it is claimed to show the deceased pop star like never before.

Alki David, owner of the technology used to create life-size holographic images, was the man behind the lawsuit against the Estate of Michael Jackson. The lawsuit included allegations that holographic images would be used, but nothing was confirmed until Friday afternoon during the hearing.


A lot of ‘sabor’ at the Billboard Music Awards [VOXXI]

The big fail at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards was when a tongue-tied Kendall Jenner struggled with introducing Aussie pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, mistaking them for One Direction.

True story.

On the other hand, our favorite Latino stars didn’t disappoint Sunday night as they filled the stage and took some of the most coveted awards at the Billboard Music Awards.

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Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Claudia Leitte opened the show with “We Are One”, one of the songs of the official World Cup album.

Jennifer came out in a sexy black body suit. Samba dancing, yellow and green tiny outfits, and Brasil flags filled the stage.

The soccer fever grew greater when Ricky Martin performed his new hit song “Vida”, also included in “One Love, One Rhythm”, the official world Cup album.

Shakira, a six-time billboard music award winner, hit the stage with her signature gold locks and a dress that would otherwise be ready for her famous hip action. But not this time.


Will we see more wins for Bruno Mars at the 2014 Billboard Awards? [VOXXI]

Bruno Mars performing at the BRIT awards.

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars will have three opportunities this year to be a Billboard Music Award winner once again. He’s nominated in the Top Artist, Top Male Artist, and Top Radio Songs Artist categories.

Mars would be adding this possible win to his 2011 Top Radio Song award for “Just the Way You Are”. That year he received a total of 10 nominations, including Top New Artist and Top Male Artist. The latter is a category for which he’s been nominated every year since.

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The artist, of Puerto Rican descent, also received an award at this year’s Billboard Latin Music Awards, which took place on April 24 in Miami, Florida. His win was in the Crossover Artist of the Year category. That was the first nomination for him in this award show.


Shakira and Ricky Martin to take the stage at the Billboards [VOXXI]

Ricky Martin at Billboard Latin Music awards.

Shakira will join the stage this Sunday, May 18, along with some of the biggest names in music at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards; she’s the latest to confirm her performance for a total of 17 performances that night.

It’s no surprise that the Colombian singer was invited to take the stage, as she has placed first on the top Latin Album chart five times and is a six-time winner of the Billboard Music Awards.

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Even though she’s not nominated for any awards this year, we’re looking forward to one of her typically-sensual performances.

Jennifer Lopez at the Billboard Music Awards.




Te he pensado tanto que la percepción de tu realidad ha sido alterada. Eres la armonía a la melodía que Dios ha puesto en mi. Eres mi inspiración y el motor que me impulsa a ser mejor, a probar cosas nuevas y saltar a lo desconocido. Somos cómplices y nuestro encuentro trae las mejores creaciones consigo. Eres mi mejor amigo, el complemento de mi locura y parejo al razonar. Contigo el volumen de mi canción sube y nuestro diario caminar se convierte en un concierto para aquellos que nos aman. Eres tu mi torre, mi protector, mi consejero, mi reconciliación hecha realidad, mi admirador, mi familia, mi compañero en el baile de nuestra vida. Yo seré tu admiradora numero uno, tu animadora, tu mas fiel amiga, la que no te miente ni te esconde la verdad. Seré quien te cuida, que te anima, no dejaré que dudes de ti mismo y nuestra fe, mutua, nos llevará a los rincones de la tierra.

Que sería – Poema

Julio 2, 2010

Que sería de mi sin palabras
para explicarte lo que significas para mi.
Que sería de mi vida sin tu amor,
tan inigualable.

Amor sin condiciones eres tu.
Vivía tanto tiempo huérfana,
sola, sin ti, mas todo es cambio hoy.
Hoy tomo de nuevo mi lugar como tu hija,
tu princesa, tu reina
y aún sin merecerlo,
mayordoma de los mas grandes regalos.

Ya te deje una vez,
pero no te vuelvo a soltar,
lejos de ti no quiero estar!
Todo pasa, se acaba
pero tu amor permanece.

No hay cosa lejos de tí
que remplace lo que tu
ya designaste para mi.
No Hay voz como la tuya.
Por mucho tiempo
probe muchas voces,
que me dijeran
solo lo que tu sabes.

Que me hablaran
con el amor que tu me llamas hija.
No tengo deseos de correr mas,
para que si a tu lado to tengo todo
y mas de lo que aun soñé?

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