About Meli


Melissa Vargas is president and Founder of The MV Creative Agency™ as well as the founder of Rock Your Faith Media, comprise of RYF The Magazine and RYF Radio. She has over nine years experience in the event production industry, and promoting events and artists in the Miami area. Ms. Vargas holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Florida International University in Communications, where studied entrepreneurship in the same institution. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

A writer for the largest local Spanish independent music portal of Miami, Melissa had the opportunity to interview local, national and international celebrities. She wrote pieces that made a difference in the local audience and led many to discover a hidden world in a certain way in a big city. As a journalist her pieces have been published in several newspapers and local publications.

She’s also a public relations specialist. Producer of great local events, she has given shape to events. From ticketing, to backstage management, to press coverage and seating selection, she has no limits in the kind of event she can produce. Her love for technology introduced her to social media, multimedia forms of journalism, and other professional adventures.

Above all, her greatest passion is God. Her faith is a driving force for everything she does and has done until now, both professionally and personally. She is originally from New York and was a dancer in her younger years; from ballet to modern dance, jazz, tap, hip hop, and Latin dance including folkloric dance. She has a passion for both technology and fashion, showing a confident balance between her girly and her geeky side. Besides all of this, she is really a fan of great music and searches to learn about it and promote it every chance she gets, in every possible way.